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We build strong multidisciplinary teams and actionable risk management strategies.  

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Program Designs:  Clearly define values, culture, and business tradeoffs.


Assessments:  Identify training opportunities, establish policies, and prioritize resources.


Best Practices:  Layer risk strategies, embrace change, and learn as you grow.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for working with Mattuc?

Our risk coaching process typically begins with an interview to assess current enterprise risk management opportunities and define the scope of our risk consulting engagement.  Then, we help identify priorities for action, establish specific desired outcomes, and conduct subsequent sessions in person or remotely.  

How do you measure success?

Our clients define what success looks like for them.  Examples include positive organizational change, shifts in team thinking related to shared goals, and additional risk mitigation strategies.  The duration of each engagement varies based on client requirements.

Why might someone choose to work with Mattuc?

An individual or an organization might choose risk coaching for the following reasons:  

  • Something urgent, compelling, or exciting is at stake.
  • Desire to accelerate risk mitigation results.
  • Need a fresh perspective on challenges.
  • Enhance decision-making skills and coaching techniques.
  • Greater accountability for delivering enterprise risk management solutions.

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